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OEM Cable Equivalents

OEM Cable Assembly Manufacturing and Wire Management Solutions

We provide over-mold tooling and design, as well as complete outsourcing of over-molding services. Our company know-how is continuously shared with our customers via training and application engineering support. We partner with a significant number of cable assembly companies that may not have in-house molding capabilities.

The type of solutions we provide to our customers are:

OEM Cable Manufacturing - Electronic and Electrical Cable Assemblies, Built to Specs, Custom Made, Tooling, Design, Engineering

Cable Molding and Strain Relief - Plastic, Rubber, Fluid Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Fire Resistant, Flexible, etc.

Molding "ends" for companies that do not have molding capabilities - this includes working with customer supplied  material.

Molding custom strain relief sections on to a customer's cable assembly.

Providing discrete molded accessory items to provide strain relief for assembled connector ends.

Designing and fabricating custom and standard mold tooling that "works."

Manufacturing complete custom molded assemblies for OEM users who are otherwise unable to get a molded solution due to the combination of tooling and lot size.

Providing Strain Reliefs and Grommets in both standard and custom configurations and designs.

OEM Cable Equivalents

OEM Cable Manufacturing

Strain Relief

We support our customers with their cable manufacturing needs across a wide range of industries such as the computer, audio, automotive, electronic, industrial, Mil-Spec, instrumentation, marine, communications, and medical equipment industries. As far as equipment manufacturers, the range includes:


Custom Molded Assemblies

Complete TURNKEY program for Cable assembly companies

Molded V.35 Cable
Molded Cable

To order cables, adapters, and harnesses please E-mail or call our experienced Sales and Tech Support Team. If you need us for just one phase of your manufacturing process, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and work with you to meet your quality, time and price objectives.

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Cable Assembly Design, Cable Assembly Engineering, Cable Assembly Prototypes
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