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Custom Medical Cables and Lead Wires

Custom Molded PCBs, Embbeded Electronics, Flex and Strain Relief, Sealing and Encapsulation

Our company has full In House capabilities for designing, engineering and manufacturing medical cable assemblies, including standard, built to specs and highly customized Medical Cables and Lead Wires.

We are specialists in biomaterials, biosensors and biomedical instrumentation and for decades we helped OEM medical customers with interconnects that meet and exceed standards and specifications.

With low cost domestic custom medical cable assembly manufacturing, rapid medical cable prototypes, on time deliveries and excellent customer support, we can be your partner for year to come. Please see below our custom medical cable capabilities and contact us for a Quick Quote. You can also send us your files for a Quick evaluation.

  • Custom medical cable design, engineering, prototypes, tooling and manufacturing
  • Built to Specs Medical Cables, Cable Assemblies for OEM Medical Equipment
  • Custom Lead Wires, Catheters, Probes and Medical Device Molding, Sealing and Encapsulation
  • Encapsulated Medical Electronics
  • Custom Medical Flex and Strain Relief
  • High Tech Biomedical Engineering Services

Overmolded PCBA Medical CableWe also offer biomedical engineering services for medical connectivity products, and custom medical cables and lead wires for biomedical and laboratory instruments. We have expertize in both regular medical cables, as well as in cable assemblies with embbeded circuitry and molded inserts. Our custom medical cable solutions are well designed and engineered, are reliable, durable, and easy to use and clean. Please see below some of the cables for medical equipment, for which we could provide design, engineering and manufacturing:

  • Custom Medical Cable Assemblies for Imaging Workstations
  • Medical Cable Assemblies for Anesthesia Delivery Systems
  • Cable Assemblies for Bone Densitometers
  • Custom Medical Cables for Cath and EP Lab Monitoring Equipment
  • Medical Cables for Computed Tomography Systems
  • Medical Cables and Assemblies for Dental Imaging Systems
  • Custom Medical Cable Assemblies for Diagnostic ECG Analyzers
  • Custom Medical Assemblies for Functional Imaging
  • Medical Cable Assembly for Diagnostic Imaging
  • Custom Medical Cable Assemblies for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Medical Cable Assemblies for Mammography Systems
  • Custom Cable Assembly for Maternal & Infant Care Systems
  • Medical Cable Assemblies for Medical Diagnostics
  • Custom Medical Cable Assemby for Mobile Systems
  • Medical Cable Assemblies for Patient Monitoring Solutions
  • Custom Cable Assembly for Pre-Clinical Imaging
  • Medical Cable Assemblies for Protein Purification Systems
  • Custom Medical Cable Assembly for Radiopharmacy Equipment
  • Medical Cable Assembly for Respiratory Care Systems
  • Custom Cable Assemblies for Suction & Oxygen Therapy
  • Medical Cable Assembly for Ultrasound Equipment
  • Custom Medical Cable Assemblies for X-ray Equipment

Custom Medical Cables cont.

  • Cardiology Cables & Lead Wires
  • Acquisition Module Cables
  • Patient Lead Wires - Banana Type
  • Patient Lead Wires - Clip Type
  • Patient Lead Wires - Grabber Type
  • Patient Lead Wires - Snap Type
  • Acquisition Module Cables
  • Cath Lab Cables
  • Lead Wire Accessories
  • Lead Wire Adapters
  • Local Transfer Cables
  • Medical Cables for Anesthesia, Gas Delivery and Patient Monitoring
  • Electrocardiography (ECG)
  • Entropy
  • Invasive Blood Pressure
  • Audio Video
  • Neuro-Muscular Transmission
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Telemetry
  • Temperature

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