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- Custom Cable Engineering
- Custom Cable Prototypes
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- Custom Cable Molding and Strain Relief
- RoHS Compliant Cable Assemblies

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Coaxial Cable Assemblies - BNC, SMA, SMB, MMCX, MCX, TNC and more

Standard and Custom Cable Assemblies with Coax Connectors

Being one of the most reliable cable assembly manufacturers in the USA, places our company in the high tech, high quality chain of coaxial cable assembly suppliers to OEM customers in many markets, including computer, communications, medical and industrial.

With full in House capabilities for standard and custom cable assemblies, made with coax connectors and a very large diversity of coaxial bulk cable and wire, we are a One Stop Shop for OEMs interested in quality cabling products at very competitive prices.

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Please see below why our OEM customers choose us:

  • Introduction of new coaxial cable assemblies to the market
  • Innovative, complex and mission-critical systems integrations
  • Improved coaxial technologies and communications
  • Standard and custom coaxial cable assemblies with components from leading manufacturers
  • In House Coaxial Cable Assembly Design, Coaxial Cable Assembly Engineering and Coaxial Cable Assembly Prototypes
  • Custom Length Coaxial Cable Assemblies with standard connectors
  • Built to Specs Coaxial Cable Assemblies - Send us Your Files for a Quick evaluation
  • Coaxial Cable Assembly Manufacturing and Tooling - our cable assembly company is already tooled for many connector types
  • Standard and Custom Molding and Strain Relief for straight and angled coax connectors
  • Large diversity of coaxial cable assemblies including single, multi-coax and "Y" cables
  • Coax cable assemblies with gold plated connectors
  • Coax assemblies with bayonet couplings for quick mating and unmating
  • We design, engineer and manufacture coaxial assemblies for military, industrial and commercial applications
  • Reverse Polarity available

Our Standard and Custom Coax Cable Assemblies, Built to Specs, Turnkey Production, Cable Design and Engineering, Coax Assembly Prototypes and Development, Low and Medium Volume Manufacturing:

  • BNC Cable Assemblies
  • TNC Cable Assemblies
  • N Series Cable Assemblies
  • SMA Cable Assemblies
  • MMCX Cable Assemblies
  • SMB Cable Assemblies
  • MCX Cable Assemblies
  • F Series Cable Assemblies
  • Mini UHF Cable Assemblies
  • and more...
Coaxial Style Overmolds

What is MMCX (MicroMateTM) - Micro-miniature connector with a lock-snap mechanism allowing for 360 degrees rotation on a printed circuit board. Conforms to the European CECC 22000 specification and comes in surface mount, edge card, and cable connectors.

Applications  of the MMCX Connectors


Base stations

Broadband communications

Cable assemblies




PCMCIA cards

Radio boards






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Cable Assembly Design, Cable Assembly Engineering, Cable Assembly Prototypes
Cable Assembly Molding and Strain Relief, USA Cable Assembly Manufacturing

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